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“Marc Kimelman has a few moments of genius in his athletic choreography – notably when Dorothy and Donny take a ride around Oz on a pair of human bikes.”
Wizard of Oz — J. Kelly Nestruck, 
Globe and Mail

“The highlight of the evening was the choreography of Marc Kimelman.”
Oz Recalled — Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star

“With fantastic choreography by Marc Kimelman and direction by Tracey Flye, this is not your average journey down the yellow brick road.”
Wizard of Oz — Kelly Cameron,

“They’re the work of Marc Kimelman, and they’re excellent… bright and funny and generally superior to the routines in some recent musicals with glossier credentials.”
Wizard of Oz — Robert Cushman, National Post

“Marc Kimelman has designed fluid dances reminiscent of movie musicals of the day.”
Play it Cool — Elizabeth Ahlfors, Curtain Up Review

“I loved the choreography by Marc Kimelman, which was innovative and used the space to its best advantage.”
Play it Cool — Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles

“Marc Kimelman’s kinky choreography, especially for the Evil Queen’s lamé-clad serving lads, as the source of most of the humour.”
Snow White — Richard Ouzounian, The Toronto Star

“A collage of pop culture and current pop hits (can we say Gangam Stlye?) are highlighted via the genius choreography of now New York based Marc Kimelman… he is on a roll and he keeps getting better and better.”
Snow White — Michael Hodgson, Theatre Isn’t Dead

“Snappy choreography by Marc Kimelman.”
Play it Cool — Associated Press

"Much of the impact is thanks to choreographer Marc Kimelman, who expertly blends ballet, African, hip-hop, and modern dance to enhance a piece not typically known as a “dance show.”

 - Arts & Entertainment, Raleigh

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